DigifunArt is

'DigiFun.Art' means the art of having fun with digital devices.

It's a compound word derived from digital, fun, and art.

After 2008, the advent and spread of smartphones gave way to the new global genre of mobile art
and all works created through these mobile devices.
The economic and popular genre of mobile art encompasses paintings, photographs, letters, poems, sketches, and graffiti.
One of its main advantages is that anyone can easily access the works regardless of time and place.
In addition, mobile art creates an ease of real-time access via social networks (SNS),
and it establishes direct communication, regardless of region, generation, or nationality.
In Korea, mobile art can be the leading platform through which 'hallyu' can extend it's role in global art culture.
Also, we can expect the joint growth of the IT industry by partnering with our outstanding digital technology.
If mobile artworks (paintings, photographs, texts, comics, graffiti, graphics, images, etc. generated by mobile devices) gain mass interest,
then these works have the ability to spread around and become accessible to all, regardless of time or place.